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  • rehan


  • jazakallah

  • Murad Mian
    Murad Mian

    Jazakallahu khair
    Masha Allah

  • Richa Sachan
    Richa Sachan

    Masha Allah. You explain concepts in an easy and effective way. I am a revert to Islam and trying to learn Arabic so that I can read and understand Quran . I found your videos very helpful.

    • Firoz Raza Khan
      Firoz Raza Khan

      You are more then welcome. ALHAMDULILLAH……. All praises and thanks to Allah SWT Who gifted all of us the ability to convey the message. The best message is His book. So let us all put our efforts to understand it and teach to others. May Allah SWT help me and you in understanding it comfortably.

  • Tajalli Rehman
    Tajalli Rehman

    Masha Allah…may Allah increase you in Knowledge…

  • Tooba Shujaat
    Tooba Shujaat


  • Mohammad Zeeshan
    Mohammad Zeeshan

    Masha Allah

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