The only website one gets the opportunity to learn Arabic grammar in Hindi and English. We take in enormous pride in offering the total customer service package. Bararah guarantees total commitment to every candidate without exception.
Just a selection of the advantages of studying with us include:

100% language (Hindi & English mix) friendly course
Study from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
No deadlines or time restrictions to worry about
Assistance from the Bararah team at all times
Absolutely no entry requirements or qualification criteria
Free enrolment open all year with no strings attached
All course materials provided by us

Once again, all of the above is offered with the limited fees. We take enormous pride in helping candidates each year in reaching their full potential.
Bararah Arabic grammar online course is designed to be comprehensively accessible and enormously beneficial. Enhance existing knowledge of Quran, explore a new subject or take the first steps toward an exciting new feeling. Regardless of your age, location and educational background, our home Arabic grammar course is open to everyone.


What is the fee for the course?
The amount is Rupees 500 per head per month.

Can I pay One time?
Yes, you can pay your fee in one time.

Can I get some discount if paying One time?
Yes, we are offering 15% discount on one time yearly fees.

Can I take a break if I need?
Your course will not expire, and it will not become invalid until you have successfully completed it. If you need to take a short break from your study, you can do so by informing your tutor about it.

How do I Enrol?
You can apply online by completing Apply Online form on our website.

Are there any time limits or deadline dates?
There are no fixed dates for completing and submitting the assignments. This is to give you a flexible study experience to suit your life style. However we recommend that a student should submit an assignment after every 3 to 4 weeks to complete the course on time.

Can I study if I live outside India?
We have students studying with us from around the world. You can study with us where ever you are in the World.

Is there any additional cost?
The price of the course is shown on the course page. There are no hidden costs. The stated price is the cost for the complete one year video support, course material and registration.

How long will it take to complete a course?
It entirely depends on you that how much time you give to your studies and how regular you are. The course is designed to be totally flexible and we impose no time limit for its completion. Therefore you can complete your studies at your own convenience.

Will I have to sit an examination?
There is no formal exam to sit at the end.
These are assignment based courses. After each topic you will complete an assignment which you check all by yourself.

I want to experience prior to the subscription. Do you have something to test?
Yes few beginning videos are available to have a feeling of learning Arabic grammar.

How about the whole family? Can they avail the opportunity of watching videos with the member?
Yes, the package includes for the whole family

Are the classes available every time?
The biggest advantage of learning Arabic grammar online is the flexible timings. One can learn the grammar according to his/her convenience.

How can I contact the instructor in case of doubt?
You can type your question below the same video in which you come across any doubt. Our expert will answer your query.

How can I get the notes?
Below every video you will find the related videos.

Can I download the videos?
You are not suppose to download the videos. This is strictly prohibited.

Am I authorize to share my ID and password?
It is recommended that every individual have his/her own account on Bararah. However, we may give you permission to share your subscription depending on the situation. If you want to share your subscription for some reason, simply email us at [email protected] and explain your situation; we will respond accordingly.

Can I gift somebody a yearly Bararah subscription?
We encourage people for subscribing yearly gift.

How do gift subscriptions work?
When you sponsor one-year subscriptions to Bararah they will be secretly gifted on your behalf to someone in need and who has applied to receive a sponsored one-year subscription to Bararah. You can purchase one by sending the total yearly amount at our Bank details.

Can I ask any personal or fiqh questions here?
Our instructors are unable to answer individually to personal or Fiqh related questions.

Which internet browser is recommended to use with bararah.com?
We highly recommend using Google Chrome on both computers and mobile devices.

I forgot my password, what should I do?
Simple write to Bararah and we will issue a new one.

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